Arnold Classic 2019 Recap

Recap of the 2019 Arnold Classic, Columbus, Ohio

Rich Putnam While at the Arnold Rich worked the Anderson Powerlifting booth, sharing his knowledge of powerlifting. Rich was the returning champ of the XPC bench press competition at the 2018 Arnold Classic. This year was a tough one for him. After a health scare 2 months ago, he wasn’t allowed to train until just 2 weeks before the Arnold. He decided to still get up on that stage and give it everything he had. He opened with 695lbs and missed it, came back out to try again and missed it again. This loss unleashed something inside him and he is ready to get back home to start his training for the next competition. Watch for Big things coming from the #benchfreak himself !! LIFTS: 700, 700

A big thank you to my sponsors Anderson Powerlifting, Ken Anderson and Kevin Pitman. Best powerlifting equipment hands down! Thank you to Impact Nutrition 315 for keeping me and my nutrition needs on point!

Rich Putnam #benchfreak

Keith O’Dell Keith came in on Friday and lifted in the Sling Shot Showdown where he took second place half way through a weight cut. A normal person would not attempt this. But he wasn’t done. He cut the rest of the way to 198 to lift in the Last Man Standing on Sunday! He took second place. Although he was not happy about this we couldn’t be more proud! He definitely had more in the tank, but a couple technicalities held him up. He is fired up now; The BEST Keith O’Dell is coming out and you will see this at his next meet in April. LIFTS: 

Kelly Duffy  The Champ! Kelly won her class and received a killer ring!!!! Kelly had way more in her but was asked to stop going up in weight since she had already won. You can watch her at her best at the next meet in April. She conquered her fears by getting up on that stage and dominated. Her dedication and commitment to the sport shows every time she steps on the platform. LIFTS: 275, 300, 330

Michael Fayette Mike qualified to lift on the Arnold stage in just a little over one year since starting to lift with the GP. The lifts didn’t go the way he wanted but he had the guts to get up on that stage and give it all he had. Big lifts coming for Mike this year. Watch out! LIFTS: 640, 640

Derek Winans  This was Derek’s second trip to the Arnold but the first for him on the Main Stage. Derek came to the Arnold to lift in the 21 deadlift solute. He had an amazing day going 3 for 3! Every single lift looking exactly the same, easy and smooth! We are honored to have Derek as part of our extended GP family. LIFTS: 435,460,485

Eric Trinidad Eric was at the Arnold to do the 21 deadlift salute. His first time at the Arnold. His lifelong dream to compete at the Arnold. Eric performed great, hitting 2 out of 3 lifts in front of 1000s of people. We are honored to have Eric as part of the extended Gorilla Pack family. He is fired up and ready to begin the next steps in training. LIFTS: 520,541, 562

the crowd became white noise and all I could hear was the judge and the sound of the plates as a pulled

Eric Trinidad

Chris Frasier Chris was on his way to the Arnold when he received a phone call from Rich telling him they were looking for lifters for the Sling Shot Showdown and would he like to do it. Of Course he would! AND he killed it! he won the middle weight division bringing home a medal and $750!!!

Melissa Carr and Scott Rowe A quick shout out to our sister and brother in powerlifting. The Pit Crew! Amazing lifts on the Arnold stage and they got to share it together! We love having them both come up and train with us.


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