Meal Prep

Meal prepping isn’t just to lose weight.

It is healthier and more beneficial to gain all your nutrients from actual food instead if supplements.

At Strength and Nutrition Plans my buddy Keith O’Dell is the boss when it comes to nutrition! He keeps me on my game.

Since it’s Tuesday, I only needed a couple days worth of prep for work.

This was tonight prep.

Me and my wife are prepping together now.

Those that prep together stay together 🥑🥦= 💑

Keith has her on a completely different plan than me, but the basics are the same, eat foods that benefit your body and health, and stay away from foods that have no nutritional value.

When your body has the correct fuel it runs on all cylinders.

Go to Strength and Nutrition Plans and get a hold of Keith. It’s a new year and he’s extremely busy with new clients so call today!

Bench Freak

Author: Jean Putnam