Monster Bench

Monster bench is what the Gorilla Pack is all about. We come together as a family. We bring our spouses, our children, our parents, our grandparents, our friends and those that can’t come, watch live!

It doesn’t matter if you lift 50lbs, 500lbs, or 5000lbs! We opened Monster bench with 11 year old Ethan Desrochers benching 75 and closed it will the Bench Freak, Rich Putnam benching 905. With a whole bunch of highlights in between.


Pit Crew!… These amazing women traveled to be a part of our team and WOW they did not upset! Melissa Carr, Louann Daniels, Rosemary Fleischmann, Raechel Fleicshmann, Rheanna Freeborn, and Savannah Hoyt thanks for coming out and joining the pack. Also shout out to Scott Rowe who is always willing to be where he is needed. 

Sarah St. Andrew… 170 raw and came back in the Bench Freak Band to hit 275lbs. 

Charlene Millias… PR of 150lbs!!!!!

Mary Been… 110!!! That’s a 10 lb. PR for her!!

Chrissy Codner …185 raw then 300 with the Bench Freak Band. Then she won the rep contest with 31 reps of 95lbs!!

Jennifer Fish… 100 lbs. Raw and then benches 155 lbs. in the bench freak band.

Dee Marie.. 1st meet and nerves galore BUT she went out in front of those people and killed 150lbs!!!

Kelly Duffy.. well what can I say … Because all that needs to be said is 500! 500! 500! This chick comes in and benches 235 raw, then warms up a little more, puts on the Bench Freak band and goes 3 for 3 ending with 500lbs! Not too many woman can say that! This has been a goal for Kelly for quite a while and it has to feel so good!!! hard work and dedication pays off!

For those that doubted me – thanks for the fuel.

-Kelly Duffy


Ethan Desrochers…. First meet for this guy! He came off the bench missing his third attempt with so much emotion he had the entire team crying. You gave us all a great reminder of what this sport is all about. We are so proud of you Ethan!

The pit crew… Thanks to Andy Bush, Robert Storie and Joe Galvagno for coming out and lifting with the Pack!

Adam Fish .. after benching a PR last week at 630 he wanted 650. He got his opener 600lbs and just missed 650lbs. it will go down soon

Ethan Killmar ... Another 1st meet! 175lbs

Dustin Wilkes.. another 1st meet. 610 lbs!!!!

Brian Desrochers … Was told he was doing this meet on Wednesday! He wasn’t given a choice, just shook his head and said ok. 300lbs!!!!!!

Tom Conti .. last week after being told last minute he was benching metal militia he hit a huge PR of 405lbs. He came back this week and hit another PR of 425lbs.

Mike Fayette… 2 meets in 2 weeks, most men don’t do this but he is one of this crazy crew and when they say go he goes. Hit a 700 lb. PR!!!!

Eric Weiderman .. used to come to the gym once a week, then twice a week now and a full timer! You can always count on Eric to be the last guy in the gym. This was his first meet and he is hooked! He killed 450 and missed 500 but it won’t be long before that goes up!!!

Keith Odell.. this guy! 2 meets back to back! Hits a PR last week with 730 lbs and kills another PR this week with 750 lbs.!!!!!!!! And even took 800 lbs. for a ride.

Rich Putnam … Ok so the author of this post is a little biased when it comes to this guy! But damn! He was all over this meet, talking to people, helping lifters, stopping his warm ups to take a picture with a few of his number one fans.

He just amazes me. Then he goes out and hits 3 for 3 ending with a picture perfect 905lbs. 2 meets 2 weeks in a row, seriously something is not right with these guys!!! After a pretty serious health scare he is back! Feeling healthy and stronger than ever!

Without my two great sponsors none of this would be possible. Anderson Powerlifting treats me like family and keeps me supplied with all my equipment. Impact nutrition 315 supplied me with just the right supplements to get me back in true bench freak form. When you are looking for just the right equipment or supplements please choose these two companies who truly have the powerlifters best interest at hand. Use Code Gorilla when shipping with them.

– Rich Putnam

Patrick Duffy.. This guy! Talk about always being able to count on someone. not only does he stand beside his wife at EVERY meet but he stands by the ENTIRE Gorilla Pack, willing to go and be wherever he is needed! We love you party pat!


Thank you to Clark’s Sports Center for hosting yet another amazing meet. Always a great atmosphere! The Gorilla Pack always looks forward to this meet.

A HUGE shout out to Checkers Out for feeding Pizza, Wings and Salad to 36 hungry members of the Gorilla Pack.  Great Food, Great Atmosphere! 

And I leave you with this….

Just remember someone is always watching…Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be

(Photo credit…Melissa Carr)

Til next time, Mama Jean


p.s. If I got any lifts wrong or I missed anyone I apologize in advance LOL. 


Author: Jean Putnam