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#Benchfreak Band is now Available!!

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The #Benchfreak band is now available. Lifters using it are seeing huge gains in their personal bests. The bands are designed to be used in multi-ply variations. Single, double, and triple ply all within one band. .this bench freak band unlike the competitors can be used in the bench shirt groove. Allowing you to train the bench shirt groove without the beat up on your body and the shirt.  If you are a raw lifter this will allow you to use over maximum weights for reps to make your raw increase Videos are coming soon. 

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.



Start with the single band.

Shirt lifter:

wear the band just above your elbow where the

bottom of your shirt would normally rest.

Raw lifter:

wear it a little higher above the elbow.

When transferring into the double  or triple band you may need to have your spotter push your elbow out so the band will stretch allowing you to grab the bar where you normally would.

On hand off push elbows out hard against the band and use your same groove (shirt or raw). 

Any further questions contact me at gorillapackfreak@yahoo.com,

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